About Us

Leo-Cards is a family owned and operated business that started because we have been right where you are - cheering on our competitive gymnasts! For the past eleven years someone has been either competing or coaching gymnastics! 

Leo-Cards began after I grew tired of years of goody bags stuffed with boring things like stickers and feather pens! Sigh!  I was on the look out for a more creative gymnastics gift.  I love personalized things so I was searching for fun, whimsical stationary items. When I didn't find them, I decided to create some! 

Our first product was note cards for all the thank you notes to sponsors, friends and family. Next came score books, I wanted a special keepsake of all those years that we had invested in gymnastics. Before Leo-Cards most of my kid's scores were scribbled on the back of receipts and stuffed into my purse or camera bag.  Some actually did get written in the program that I bought for such things, but that was usually found weeks later crammed under the car seat covered in crumbs! From there, we've added cheer posters, autograph posters, "stick-it" medal labels and our most popular product to date...our gym bag tags! 

Creating products for Leo-Cards has been an immense pleasure!  We hope our products will not only make you smile but will help you to remember this wonderful sport and this wonderful time in your child's life! Thanks for checking us out and please be sure to share us with your friends! 

Happy Handstands!

The Leo-Cards Family

PS... To my tech guy (my dear husband)  I owe so much praise and gratitude! Without his help there would be no Leo-Cards!